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Copy and pasted from my journal.

I'm such a camera nut. Here's SCA :)
Arriving on Saturday, Paul, Kay and Cora in front of Cora’s dorm (Miller)

Shopping at Winners!

Kay sleeping with her pig (The one that’s not Frank)

Campus center

More shopping!

In Cora’s dorm room (It’s air conditioned dammit!) Kay, Me, Cora, Kelsi and Kari (Everyone’s a “k” sound but me!!)

Thomas (Tommy), Kari’s cousin, who coincidencially roomed with Paul, and Cora on the right.

Me and Kay’s dorm room. I got the upper bunk! You can tell because it’s cleaner :D Teehee.

Paul, Kelsi, me, Tommy, Cora and Kay after the Monday night show

Lunch on Wednesday where I met Luke (Left) and Matt (right)for the first time. Spent most of my time with them for the rest of the week :)

The French fry man. Bad Luke and Matt.

Rehearsals in the Krieg Art room

Kelly and Cory!


Showchoir cookie!!! They had showchoir cake too but I didn’t get a picture.

I THINK this is Wednesday dinner but I can’t remember.

Three of the coolest people from Lowell (who went to SCA, I know there’s lots more cool people where they came from… *COUGH*KATHRYN*COUGH*)

25th Anniversary show featuring the clinicians!! SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW!!

Cora, Matt, Kay, Luke and I after the show (Heehee I bought the outfit! Note to Yuan: I wore a skirt!! Kay said you'd be very proud.)

Dorm Floor ice-cream party!!

Maureen (left), Casey (Right) and the ghetto bear (In Casey’s hand)

The really nice girls across the hall who BOUGHT US A FAN!! Life savers!!! They’ve been to the camp five times so they’re veterans :D Kate (Left) and Caelynn (Right)

Kelly, Cory, and their newfound Asian offspring.

Greg Jasperse on a unicycle :)

And heeeere’s gospel choir :)

Teacher’s show!!

This picture makes me look fat, but I ADORE this outfit :) Oh, and in the first picture in the bag is the present that made me cry :)

I CANNOT believe this guy’s name slipped out of my head. He’s the most adorable freshman ever!!! (Grade 9. Well, he’s gonna be in grade 9 next year.) He’s sooo cuuute :) I think his name was Matt. (Note to Anna: This was the picture I was talking about. The pants purse thing.)

My group who got kicked out of Herbster’s chapel because the middle school group took our rehearsal space.

Kelly and Cory again!

This is the biggest showchoir I think I’ll ever work with. I had the greatest time with these people because everyone’s wicked cool. There, I typed it! I’m so American. Or Massachucet..tian…? Or Lowellian. Whatever works.

Our group councilors Brad (left), Nicole (center) and our pianist, John. I’d say he’s the cutest pianist ever, but then SOMEONE will probably post a reply saying “But what about your brother??” And I’d say “uuuugh.” And be relatively annoyed with bad jokes about my brother. Again. Yup.

Streamers Kay and Kari hung over my bed which annoyed me when I woke up the next morning. But it’s still pretty.

This picture is upside down because I flipped upside down from the top bunk to take it. Kay had that sign next to her bed all week. It’s so cute :)

The exact words I said when this photo was taken was “One, two, three, look asian!” Enough said. (Oh, and that’s Patrick who loved making fun of Canadians. Noone says aboot instead of about on campus except him.)

Performances!! I managed to catch Kelsi and Cora (#1 and 2 below) and Cora took pictures of Kay’s and my group (3 and 4 below)

Greg!! He’s the greatest guy ever!! Kay and I are convinced he’s Sean (the one who graduated and was actively in the music department years ago) and my bro Tim all rolled up into one. Scary.

My dorm floor councilor, Casey

The other dorm councilor, Maureen. She’s sooo pretty! And she sings like Christina Agulera! She’s soooo gonna be a pop star!

My hosts from Baystate Megan (left) and her sister Kelsi (left of me) and Alessandra (Right)

Peter. Damn he was tall. I was on my toes so my arms could reach his shoulders. I’m such a midget.

Patrick! Also gonna be a freshman, he has THE MOST AWESOME VOICE EVER. But puberty will strike one day. It’s such a shame.

Night after the performance, everyone gets moved to the France dorm, and all the teachers to Williard. That’s Colin (left), Lauren (Center), Alex (right, and he sang to me in Spanish on my birthday and danced for me. Made me very happy :) ) and Kelsi (On the floor)

Lauren French braided my hair. People need to do this more often for me.

Tarot cards!! John (left) Crissy, (Below John), Chris (right of John), Kelsi (right of Chris) and Alex (Right). Apparently I was good at fortune telling. They never told me how it was true, just “it was true”. (Another note to Yuan: You need to talk to John. He's apparently very annoyed about the fact that guys can't dress well and not be considered gay at the same time. And he said he's disappointed in some fashion line that I can't remember. I think you two have a lot in common. TALK TO HIM!! If I can get his proper contact info.)

People sleeping. I think I only knew two people in the picture, but it was such a good moment I had to take a shot.

I only knew Chris for 12 hrs when I took this photo, but I think it simply screams “Chris” for the 12 hrs I knew him. Ya know, the position, the pills… yup. (Actually I have no idea what those pills are.)

Left to right: Chris, John, Caroline and the other John. Apparently one is J.Ham (first john) and the other one is J… Walker? I can’t remember. Caroline will have to post a message about it later on.

Final pic of Baystate/Worcester (sp?) people before they left :) Probably the fastest friends I have ever made. Do I have to name everyone again?

*phew* yay I’m finally done.
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